We empower colleges and universities to be leaders in the 21st century economy

Stack Education empowers colleges & universities to deliver innovative, industry-driven, industry-taught courses and certificates, helping students of all ages get the skills and experience they need for the modern economy.

By pairing the academic environment of institutions with our accelerated online & in-person experiential courses in Software & Web Development, Data Science & Analytics, Digital & Growth Marketing, Business Development, UX Design, and Communication & Innovation, higher education institutions are able to launch new strategic programs, partner more closely with local industry, and establish themselves as leaders in the innovation economy.

The acceleration of technology has produced a world where the change occurs at an unrivaled speed, leading to a growing skills gap that leaves jobs unfilled and individuals underemployed. We believe that colleges, in partnership with organizations that are immersed in industry expertise, like Stack Education, continue to be best suited to solve this challenge.


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The Stack Formula

workforce accelerator Experience

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The Stack Education team has extensive experience in both higher education as well as accelerated education models. We have led intensive workforce acceleration programs and worked with students 1:1 in the classroom. 

outcome-driven diverse teams

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Diverse teams, including diversity of perspective, gender identity, race, sexual identity, age, religion, physical ability, neurodiversity, lead to better outcomes. But only if thoughtfully built and rigorously nurtured.  We have had the privilege of seeing this powerful outcome time and time again.

nEtwork of practitioners

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We know the best of best. We know how to identify practitioners who will come alive in the classroom. We have an eye for subject matter experts with talent to teach and partner with them to design curriculum.


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Hard skills are not sufficient to be a successful member of the 21st century economy. However, coupled with foundational and social skills training, students are ready to not only be a part of diverse and inclusive teams, but also are ready to create and lead these teams to better outcomes. 

market-driven curriculum

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In our rapidly evolving economy, the demand for skills and the types of skills is constantly changing. We assess the most in-demand skills in regional economies and design curriculum to meet that demand.

industry projects

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Opportunities to work hand-in-hand with companies and deploy the skills they are learning in the classroom are invaluable. 


The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.
— Alvin Toffler


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