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Stack Education Career Pathway Programs

Be an organization of talent development and growth

Classes consist of scenario-based lessons so that students learn the information within the proper professional context
Programs are developed and taught live by leaders from some of the nation's most elite Research Hospitals
Modules are built around skill-sets & role specialization
Exercises & labs for students to demonstrate their knowledge and allowing employers to measure their employees' progress

Sponsored Research Administration Program

Perfect for individuals with administrative, finance, or accounting experience

Fill roles such as: Research/Grant Administrator, Research Business Administrator, Grant & Contracts Specialist, Sponsored Contracts Specialist, etc

Core Competencies Include
  • Understanding the Grant Lifecycle

  • Microsoft Excel for Sponsored Research Administration

  • Pre-Award Management & Budget Development 

  • Advanced Excel for High Growth Professionals

  • Time and Project Management

  • Post-Award Management & Research Accounting 

  • Professional Communication in Healthcare & Research

  • Navigating Power Structures

Examples of Projects Include

​We collaborate with you to determine the most relevant lab projects

  • Creating and Submitting Pre-Award Award Budgets

  • Completing SF-424, R.220, R.230, R.240, R.400, etc 

  • Cost Transfer Documentation and Budget Management

Clinical Trials Program

Perfect for individuals with research or clinical experience

Fill roles such as: Clinical Research Coordinator, Clinical Data Coordinator, Study Coordinator, Clinical Regulatory Specialist, Clinical Trial Assistant, etc

Core Competencies Include
  • Scientific Concepts & Research Design

  • Ethical & Participant Safety Considerations

  • Investigational Product Development & Regulation

  • Clinical Study Operations (GCPs)

  • Study & Site Management

  • Data Management & Informatics

  • Partnership & Professionalism

  • Communication & Teamwork

Examples of Projects Include

​​We collaborate with you to determine the most relevant lab projects

  • Drafting and Completing an Informed Consent Document

  • Completing Portions of an IND

  • Creating Patient Recruitment Materials

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