About Stack Education.


We are voracious and curious learners. So much so that we, the founders of Stack Education, protect the first few minutes of each of our meetings for talking about whatever is on our mind - so we can debate and learn from each other. Topics range from the value of a political philosophy degree (proudly attained by one co-founder) to tips on preparation for a newly adopted dog, from what scares us more and why, garden snakes or mice, to how we cultivate accountability for online and offline, lifelong learners.

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Peggy Yu, CEO.


Rich DiTieri, COO.

- Current Forbes contributor

- COO, Startup Institute

- Interim Director at HBS Rock Center for Entrepreneurship

- MBA, Harvard Business School; B.S., Northwestern University


- CEO, Program Director, Startup Institute

- Co-founder of Pintley, MassChallenge Winner

- Deloitte consultant

- B.S., Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute


Kevin Brown, CFO.

- CFO, interim CEO, Startup Institute

- CFO Greenbytes, Filterfresh

- 20+ years of C-level experience

- B.S., Babson College


Dave Yourgrau, CGO.

- VP of Business Development, Program Director, Startup Institute

- Sales/BD at Adaptly, Truly Wireless, LevelUp, Offerpop, Qualcomm

- B.A., Ursinus College