About Stack Education.

We are voracious and curious learners. So much so that we, the founders of Stack Education, protect the first few minutes of each of our meetings for talking about whatever is on our mind - so we can debate and learn from each other. Topics range from the value of a political philosophy degree (proudly attained by one co-founder) to tips on preparation for a newly adopted dog, from what scares us more and why, garden snakes or mice, to how we cultivate accountability for online and offline, lifelong learners.

It is this curiosity, this engagement that our founding team experiences daily with each other, that we seek to infuse into higher ed classrooms. We built Stack Education on the belief that learning is continuous, can be contagious, and that knowledge should be accessible to all.  Moreover, we are concerned that the acceleration of technology has produced a world where the change occurs at an unrivaled speed, leading to an immense skills gap that leaves jobs unfilled and individuals underemployed.

Stack Education, in partnership with institutions for higher learning, wants to change that.

We connect institutions of higher learning to regional economies through the development of market-driven skills. Our experience in both traditional higher education institutions and in education startups informs our commitment to ensuring that local community colleges, colleges, and universities remain pillars in their communities by serving as primary instructors of the market-driven skills. We want higher education institutions to be the centers of lifelong learning in their communities, where people don’t just enroll for a two or four-year degree, but also for continuous learning and skill development. We want to cultivate engaging discussions in the classroom that spillover to the outside world.

Our curriculum is driven by market-demand, derived from industry experts, and delivered by engaged practitioner-instructors. And since we know that effective collaboration is crucial in individual professional growth as well as collective innovation, we ensure that a communication & innovation curriculum is instilled in each program we deploy. Finally, we know that true learning happens when learnings from inside the classroom are taken outside the classroom. Through a thoughtful curation of industry projects, we ensure “learning by doing” is woven throughout our programs, and that students leave with a portfolio of real-world experience.

Our initial focus is on our home state of Massachusetts. And we have the good fortune to launch with two colleges who aren’t afraid to make bold changes: Emerson College and Becker College. Both innovating in the arts & technology, both investing in the future of work.

Stay tuned, we’re just getting started.  We know we have mountains to climb. And we can’t do it without others. If you want to join us on this journey, please reach out. We’d love to have you.